3 Reasons Modular is Smart for Schools

NYC school blends utility with design using Nadler Modular Structures.

Summertime is here, which means class is out.

However, this is when schools often get busy with their larger facilities and construction projects. With pressure to accommodate more incoming students along with aging buildings and infrastructure, the current needs tend to always outweigh available budgets. That’s where modular construction and prefabricated buildings can really help.

Schools have always needed to be smart with their limited funds. And some really smart schools like Priority-1 in New York, are using permanent modular buildings as part of their strategy.

Priority-1 Torah Academy Gets the Value of Modular for Schools

The Prioirty-1 Torah Academy is located outside New York City, and really understands the value of modular construction, and why it should be part of every school’s facilities and growth management strategy.

Here’s three great reasons why modular is good for schools:

1. Function Without Compromising Quality or Design
The days of bland and uncomfortable classroom trailers is over. Today, pre-fabricated modular buildings are not only rich with interior designs and all the comforts of traditionally constructed buildings, but the durability and quality is in many ways far superior. Modular comes in both temporary and permanent varieties to meet the varying needs of a school whether it’s classrooms, gyms and lockers rooms, common areas, administrator offices, etc.

2. Minimized Campus Disruption. Maximum Flexibility
Modular is fast. This means large projects can be started and completed very quickly, often over the summer months when students are not in class. Since the buildings are pre-fabricated offsite with little onsite preparation, even if a school is in session, the level of noise and disruption can be kept to a minimum.

Rabbi Cohen, the Administrator of Priority-1 explains why he believes speed is one of the key benefits of modular construction:

In just a few months our new classrooms were built and move-in ready, and there was no compromise on quality. These buildings are made to last.

3. Modular is Donor-Friendly
One of the added benefits many schools don’t realize until often after their first project, is that modular buildings can help attract critical school donations based on the associated frugality of modular construction. There is a certain sense from donors that they are getting good value for their financial contribution and that the money will go further.

The Priority-1 Torah Academy experienced this first hand and it was a lesson the school has applied to future fundraising efforts.

Our donors appreciated the value and frugality that’s associated with modular construction – and were excited because we were seen as being fiscally conservative, so they felt like they were getting a deal,” said Rabbi Cohen.

Nadler Modular provides a variety of temporary and permanent building solutions for schools and education facilities to support student population growth and fluctuations.

Nadler Modular Solutions for Schools and Education:

  • Portable classrooms
  • Sports and gym facilities
  • Restrooms
  • Staff offices
  • Cafeterias
  • Libraries
  • Dormitories
  • Administrative
  • Science and labs

If you are a school or other type of instructional institution and are interested in learning more about how modern, modular buildings can help address your budget and space requirements, please contact Nadler Modular at

NYC school blends utility with design using Nadler Modular Structures.

NYC school blends utility with design using Nadler Modular Structures.


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