Do You Know What To Ask?


Many of our clients are purchasing a modular building for the first time and not quite sure what to ask in order to ensure what they get will meet their needs. For those who do have experience in evaluating a modular construction project, you may not be aware of some of the recent advancements made in the industry in terms of prefabricated materials and assembly processes that can often make all the difference.

Below are four recommended questions to ask your modular construction vendor before you pull the trigger on your next project.


#1: Do they have the right experience?

This one may seem obvious and something to ask no matter what you are buying, but it’s amazing how often projects are kicked off without truly understanding if a vendor has done what you need before. One size does not fit all, so it’s important to research if the modular manufacturer has a successful track record not only in your industry, but also in delivering the type of units you’re looking for. This may include temporary vs. permanent construction, meeting unique HVAC or security requirements, custom materials to address unique environmental or durability needs, and other criteria.

Over the last 40 years, Nadler has continued to invest in expanding and fine-tuning our construction and installation methodologies. Nadler has been recognized by independent third parties like the Modular Building Institute (MBI) for offering specialized industry products and services that meet the unique needs of our clients.


#2: Do they have a reputation of success?

Very much related to the first question around experience is understanding your vendor’s reputation in the industry, both overall and in delivering the type of modular buildings you need. Reference clients should be able to represent at least a 75% match to the type of project you are looking to start. Ideally, the vendor can also demonstrate repeated client business in your specific industry. It’s also worth understanding the longevity of a vendor’s staff and if they have been in the modular construction industry long enough to support their claim of expertise.


#3: Do they come in on-time?

Among the key value propositions of modular construction is speed. This is because modular buildings can be built simultaneously with the site and foundation work, enabling projects to be completed 30% to 50% faster than traditional construction. It’s therefore imperative to ensure you vendor has a history of delivering projects both on-time and on-budget. Not only will this help maximize the ROI of your modular project, but it also minimizes the disruption to your business, employees, and customers.

Here at Nadler, most of our clients are repeat clients because of our on-time and often early delivery track-record. One example is our Danbury Schools District project in Connecticut, which was delivered in under three months, half the projected six months, despite winter weather conditions.


#4: How long have they been in modular?

While there is not a hard and fast rule on how long a vendor should be in business, it’s a good idea to ensure they have some level of longevity and consistency. The modular industry has evolved quite a bit over the years and requires a unique set of investments and expertise that differs from traditional construction. Understand not only how long a vendor has been around, but how long have they been doing modular construction. One rule of thumb would be if the vendor has over ten years experience. However, this must be balanced by the other important evaluation criteria defined in this article.


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