Nadler Modular Keeps Staten Island Lifeguards Comfortable


With temperatures rising and summer in full swing, Staten Island – often referred to as the ‘Riviera of New York City’, will be filling its beaches with tourists and packing the famous Staten Island Ferry with local New Yorkers and visitors looking to get out of the city.

Staten Island has undergone several recent renovation projects, including it’s the full restoration of its famous boardwalk area that now includes new playing fields, fountains, and lifeguard stations – making the experience much more family friendly.

As part of this restoration and improvement project, Nadler Modular has built beautiful, custom mobile modular buildings that will provide the Staten Island lifeguards and supporting staff with bathrooms, shower facilities, and locker rooms just steps from the beach.

The investment by the New York City Parks Department to improve Orchard Beach was most likely in response to the 2015 sponsored study that produced a Report Card on NY Beaches. While the report showed that Orchard Beach had a top performing shoreline, it was rated ‘challenged’. In large part this was due to the “bathrooms and pathways both receiving their lowest scores since recordkeeping began.”

So for those locals looking to hit the beach this summer, and for the thousands of New York tourist anxious to experience the world famous Staten Island – you can rest assured that the numerous lifeguards tasked with your safety will themselves be well taken care of – and thus more focused on your family’s safety.

Enjoy the new renovations and attractions at Staten Island and have a wonderful summer.

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