A small word that packs a big message

In Hebrew, “Kulanu” means “all of us.” That includes the concepts of “together” and “cooperation,” all wrapped up into three little syllables.

The Kulanu Center for Special Services (kulanukids.org) is also more than it appears at first glance.

From their facilities in Cedarhurst, NY, they provide a wide range of services to both adults and children with special needs, focusing on providing education, vocational programs, social services, and resources to the community.

With a mission that broad, you can imagine how they were affected by the pandemic lockdowns.

Changing times, changing space

The new requirements for social distancing meant that one of their key programs needed to be relocated, and Kulanu had to decide where to put this program. But where, and for how long?
Executive Director Beth Raskin hates uncertainty, so she did what she does best—plan and organize.

Due diligence

As they considered their options, it became clear that a modular structure would be a great solution, allowing them to close one costly property and free up another that generated income. Adding this modular facility would actually save Kulanu money, it turned out.

So Kulanu started the way most people do, with a simple Google search. Top result: Nadler Modular Structures, right in their own back yard.

There are no coincidences, it seems. Nadler’s Steven Muller was familiar with Kulanu, and a supporter.

“It was like dealing with someone who was already family,” Beth says. “They were phenomenal, visiting multiple times, touching base, and ensuring I knew what was going on.” Steve quickly assessed Kulanu’s needs and proposed a solution.

After soliciting multiple proposals, Nadler’s strengths clearly stood out, and the bid was accepted.

Price, quality AND speed

The design process was simple and straightforward—and was greatly assisted by Kulanu’s providing details on siting, water, gas and electrical hookup options early in the process.

The Village of Cedarhurst also deserves credit for making the planning and permits process easy and transparent.

The real surprises were the early delivery that ensured minimal disruption in a residential neighborhood, and extremely rapid deployment and assembly of the modules, which took just two days.
“Watching the operator move these huge modules into place with a simple joystick was frankly amazing,” Beth marveled. “Kids, apparently playing video games is not a waste of time!”

In just one week, Kulanu’s Adult Day Habilitation Services were fully relocated into a beautiful facility that wows every visitor. “When they see it, they are overwhelmed by the light-filled airy space, and the fit and finish of the facility,” Beth says.

From first meeting to project close took just under three months, as compared to the year or more that their upcoming planned site-built facility will require.

And the best part: When they no longer need this facility, it can be sold to recoup expenses and removed, or relocated and purposed wherever needed on their properties.

What a win-win-win for everyone!

Bottom Line:

Modular facilities continue to demonstrate their problem-solving capabilities. What’s yours?

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