A Rapidly Growing City

The City of Danbury is one of the fastest growing, and most sought after cities, especially among middle class families in the New England area. This rapid expansion of the populace has put continued pressure upon the nationally recognized schools in the area to accommodate the influx of new students while maintaining the same level of high quality education.

Continuity with Modular

Nadler Modular has helped the Danbury School District accommodate the rapidly growing student population over the years through several modular projects, including new innovative features, to ensure continuity in the space design and experience for students and faculty alike.

Following a successful school project 18 months ago with Nadler, the Director of Finance for Danbury Schools asked Nadler to address additional space requirements within a tight delivery timeframe and budget.

The project involved eight modular classrooms, including a site-built corridor spanning approximately forty-feet to connect the modular classrooms to the rest of the school. This innovative feature of the project protects staff and students from outside elements, especially during cold winter months, by eliminating the need to ever go outside.

The modular buildings maintained the architectural design integrity of the broader school buildings, creating a seamless experience as students move from one space to the next, and is aesthetically pleasing both inside and out.

Speed with Innovative Engineering

Due to a late change to the timeframe, innovative engineering was applied in order to deliver the modular buildings to the school. This required installation to take place while school was in session, meaning students would be onsite, making crane lifting the modular units no longer an acceptable delivery and installation model. To address this new delivery environment, the Nadler team used a translift methodology to ‘walk’ the eight modular buildings several hundred feet to the final installation site.

Saving Time and Costs

Nadler was able to pass through significant cost savings to the Danbury School District by compressing the fabrication process through a templated design methodology. This fast-tracked the already aggressive 120-day schedule as originally agreed upon, down to only 90 days – representing an impressive 25% time reduction from an already expedited time frame.

The result was a beautiful, cost-effective modular building design that blended seamlessly with the traditionally built structures that surround it.

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