Nadler Modular Structures and team of disaster recovery experts apply experiences from Hurricane Sandy to help local schools, hospitals, and governments recover quickly from Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Nadler Modular Structures, a certified GSA Disaster Recovery Program vendor, prepares to put its expertise and specialized staff formed during Hurricane Sandy to help both Texas and Florida hospitals, schools, and local government impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

For 40 years, Nadler has specialized in providing temporary and permanent prefabricated commercial modular structures that meet or surpass the quality standards of traditional construction. Nadler is also a GSA certified Disaster Recovery vendor with a long track record in delivering customized building solutions for federal government agencies, the military, prison facilities, and other state and local entities with a multitude of structures. This has included: temporary command centers, emergency medical facilities, schools and government buildings, storage, mobile offices, and more.

“Unfortunately, our team at Nadler has experienced and seen this kind of devastation before, most notably with Hurricane Sandy that swept through the Eastern U.S. Seaboard back in 2012,” said Jeff Neeman, CEO of Nadler Modular Structures. “While the damage and impact to the local communities is tragic, the spirit of rebuilding and perseverance by its people is incredibly inspiring, and it’s a privilege for Nadler to play a role in helping the schools, hospitals, and businesses get back to what they do best as quickly, and easily as possible.”

Among the organizations that Nadler helped recover from Hurricane Sandy was the Priority-1 Torah Academy, a large school in New York that was destroyed. Nadler helped get Priority’s students back to school quickly by delivering everything from a modular kitchen and dining room, an office and administrative wing, a study hall, and even an exercise room.

Nadler can typically deliver clients a fully custom structure in as little as eight weeks, including gathering building requirements, to being fully delivered and installed.

To learn more, contact a Nadler Modular Disaster Recovery Expert at 888-329-6600 or email