Commercial Modular Buildings for Sale or Lease

We have commercial modular buildings that are high-quality, affordable, and highly customizable. They can be used for a range of different purposes, and we offer flexible leasing and financing options to help fit your budget.

Why Choose Prefab Commercial Buildings?

Fast Delivery

Nadler Modular can deliver most buildings within one to four weeks, depending on availability and customization requests. This allows your business or organization to get up to speed quickly, and the quick installation minimizes the disruption to the surrounding area that site-built construction can have.

Affordable Prices

The standardized, efficient build practices that our commercial modular building manufacturers use mean they are a more affordable option than traditional construction. Plus, with Nadler Modular, you can choose the length of your lease. We also use transparent billing so you’re never surprised by hidden fees.

Custom Options

When you choose prefab commercial buildings, you can choose to customize the layout of your building and customize features such as plumbing, trim colors, and more. While our single and double wide buildings are popular, we also have much larger complexes available. Features such as N-Plex™ allow you to easily expand or reduce your modular buildings as needed.

Our Modular Commercial Buildings


Commercial modular buildings make great offices for factories, warehouses, retailers, traveling events, and more. Our modular office buildings can include meeting areas, storage spaces, and break rooms. Our furnishings through NadlerPlus™ include office desks, tables, and chairs, as well as break room appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves.

Customer-Facing Areas

When you choose a commercial modular building at Nadler, you’ll have the option to customize the interior to create an inviting and professional space to greet and interact with your customers. Modular buildings make great reception offices, waiting rooms, shipping and receiving centers, and more.

Storage Units

Our secure storage solutions will keep your items safe from theft and the elements. They include forklift pockets so they can be easily moved, and we also offer optional racking and organizing systems.

Shop Floors

Our modular industrial buildings are built rugged and durable enough to house the equipment you need. They can serve as design and production spaces or as tool and equipment storage. Our customers have used modular buildings as quality control and inspection areas or as training facilities for new employees and programs.


We can build bathrooms into your workspaces or create an entire building for bathrooms. Through NadlerPlus we have holding tanks and sanitation solutions that are ideal for portable buildings and those in more remote areas without sewer and water hookups. We can include wash basins, half baths, showers, and more. Our buildings are also ideal for locker rooms or locker room and shower combos.

Furnishing Solutions for Industrial Modular Buildings

We make it convenient for our customers to find furnishing solutions through our one-stop shop, NadlerPlus. We offer affordable and convenient ways to stock your commercial modular building with the items you need to get down to business as soon as possible.

Who Needs Commercial Modular Buildings?

Why Choose Nadler?

We have more than four decades of experience creating high-quality and affordable commercial modular buildings. Nadler is a GSA-certified vendor that completed multiple government projects for office spaces, hospitals, and military barracks.

We operate throughout the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions, and we have staff local to each area who will work hard to serve your needs. The staff at Nadler take pride in offering industry-leading customer service, and we’re always working on the next innovation in modular buildings.

The Nadler Advantage

At Nadler, the customer is at the forefront of everything we do. The Nadler Advantage is an all-encompassing experience to make the process easy for our customers. It includes features like a single point of contact throughout the entire process. Everything from design and construction to delivery and finalization goes through one person on our team. Our specialized point of contact will make sure that you receive fast responses to your questions and that the process is transparent and straightforward.

Nadler’s transparency also extends to billing and payment. Many modular companies create leases on 28-day timelines, which makes your monthly cost seem lower, but it also means you’re getting billed 13 times a year. We bill on the first of every month, meaning you have 12 payments a year and no surprise costs.

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