Permanent Modular Buildings

Nadler Modular offers permanent modular buildings that are fast, flexible, and affordable. Because of our standardized build process, we can build a new structure up to 40% faster than traditional methods—while meeting the highest standards of quality.

Who We Serve


We offer affordable and customizable permanent modular classrooms for both public and private. Our permanent modular school buildings can also include cafeterias, libraries, administrative offices, gyms, and more. Whether you need a double wide classroom trailer or an entire complex, we have options for you.


Our permanent modular buildings can be customized to fit a wide range of medical needs, including clinics, imaging rooms, laboratories, dental offices, and more.

Community Organizations

Nadler Modular is proud to work with community and religious organizations to make sure they have the facilities that they need. Permanent modular buildings are excellent for administrative offices, meeting spaces, daycares, or Sunday schools.


Permanent modular office buildings can be added to existing factories to create more administrative space, storage capacity, conference areas, cafeterias, or break rooms. They are popular as shipping and receiving areas at warehouses, as well as customer-facing meeting rooms or waiting areas.

Furnishing Solutions for Permanent Modular Buildings

Through NadlerPlus™, we offer a range of interior furnishings for our permanent modular buildings. They include break room packages with mini-refrigerators and microwaves, office packages with desks and chairs, and security packages with window screens and door bars. Other features include Wi-Fi, storage containers, and ADA- and OSHA-complaint ramps and steps.

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Break Room Appliances

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

How Much Do Permanent Modular Buildings Cost?

The cost of permanent modular construction will vary depending on the size and features of the building. Just as with a traditional structure, you can choose interior and exterior materials, as well as the details of your layout. At Nadler Modular, we pride ourselves on providing transparent pricing and cost-effective solutions without hidden fees. Our staff would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote specific to your project.

Why Choose Nadler?

Nadler has more than 45 years of experience providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative modular solutions. We are a GSA-certified vendor, and we have completed multiple government projects for permanent modular office buildings, hospitals, and military barracks.

Our staff have a can-do attitude, and they go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their experience. We take pride in offering industry-leading customer service, and we’re always working on the next innovation in modular buildings.

The Nadler Advantage

While many companies offer quality modular school buildings and work to provide good customer service, at Nadler Modular, we provide an all-encompassing experience to make the process easy for our customers.

The Nadler Advantage means you have a single point of contact throughout the entire process. Everything, including design, construction, delivery, and all that comes after, will go through one person on our team. Our specialized point of contact will make sure that you receive fast responses to your questions and that the process is transparent and straightforward.

That transparency also extends to billing and payment. Many modular companies create leases on 28-day timelines, which makes your monthly cost seem lower, but it also means you’re getting billed 13 times a year. Nadler bills on the first of every month, meaning you have 12 payments a year and no surprise costs.

The Nadler Advantage also means you have access to our brand-new fleet of modular school buildings available for lease. Our structures are also made with an exceptional safety record for both construction and installation.

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Want to learn more about how modular school buildings can help your district? Feel free to reach out to our friendly and professional staff with any questions you have.

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