Modular School Buildings from Nadler

At Nadler Modular, we build high-quality and affordable modular school buildings that can fill a wide range of uses. Whether you need a portable classroom for a single school year or a permanent expansion to your athletic facilities, Nadler Modular can provide custom layouts and interior furnishings.

Our buildings are also backed by Nadler’s industry-leading customer service. We offer a single point of contact throughout the entire process, transparent pricing, and a one-stop shop for furnishing solutions.

Why Choose Modular Buildings for Schools?


We know that schools often experience fluctuations in their budgets, enrollment, and staffing, which is why modular school buildings are a great option for quickly responding to changes. They can serve as short-term swing spaces during construction, temporary expansions to deal with changes in student count, or permanent additions to your facilities.

With Nadler Modular, you can choose the length of your lease or decide to purchase the building outright. We offer features such as N-Plex™, which allows you to easily expand or reduce your modular school buildings as needed. We can also design a brand-new school complex, complete with bathrooms, offices, and gyms.


The efficient design and construction of modular school buildings mean they cost less than traditional, site-built structures. Our flexible leasing options mean you don’t have to pay any more than you need to, and our transparent pricing will ensure you feel confident in your purchase.


We can deliver and install a modular school building much faster than it would take to build one on-site. Not only does this solve your problems much faster, but it avoids the lengthy disruption that on-site construction can have on your school. 

It typically takes one to four weeks to deliver and install your structures, though it can vary depending on the building’s availability and the level of customization involved. Plus, with furnishing solutions from NadlerPlus™ your modular school building can be ready for school on day one.


Our modular school buildings are efficiently constructed in a controlled environment to eliminate waste and follow green construction practices. They are also built to be energy efficient, from their HVAC systems to their lighting and insulation.


We offer a range of customization options covering the design and layout of your modular school buildings. They can include the number and location of offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, and other features. For purchases and long-term leases, we offer an even deeper range of customization options.

Modular School Buildings for Sale and Lease


We offer modular classrooms for sale or lease that can be used for districts undergoing expansion or consolidation. They can be customized for size, layout, and even type of class. Whether you need a portable school building for vocational training or a chemistry lab for a science class, we can design the best option for you.


At Nadler Modular, we can make full-scale cafeterias for students, break rooms for teachers, or concession stands for athletic events. With NadlerPlus, we also offer furnishing packages including microwaves and refrigerators. 


Modular buildings are a popular option for daycares and preschools. They can be standalone buildings with bathrooms and an office, or they can be added to existing schools or community centers.

Athletic Facilities

We can design buildings that function as interior gyms or that service your exterior athletic facilities. Modular school buildings can function as showers, bathrooms, locker rooms, athletic offices, concession stands, ticket boxes, storage units, and more.


Modular buildings can serve as portable restrooms during outdoor events or construction, or they can serve as expansions to your existing structures. NadlerPlus includes options such as handwashing stations, portalets, holding tanks, and sanitation tank services.


We offer portable or permanent modular buildings that can serve as administrative offices, conference rooms, or board meeting rooms. We also offer office furnishings through NadlerPlus.

Your Choice

There are plenty more options for modular education buildings, including libraries, computer labs, and nurse’s offices. Whatever you need, the staff at Nadler Modular is here to help. Just reach out to our team, and we’ll talk with you about designing a custom solution for your school.

Our Furnishing Solutions for Modular School Buildings

Let our design team take care of furnishing your modular education buildings so you can be ready for school on day one. Through NadlerPlus, we offer a one-stop shop for furnishing solutions for modular classrooms, bathrooms, offices, and more.

NadlerPlus solutions include:

Who Needs Modular School Buildings?

Why Choose Nadler?

Nadler has more than 45 years of experience providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative modular solutions. We are a GSA-certified vendor, and we have completed multiple government projects for office spaces, hospitals, and military barracks.

Our staff have a can-do attitude, and they go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their experience. We take pride in offering industry-leading customer service, and we’re always working on the next innovation in modular buildings.

The Nadler Advantage

While many companies offer quality modular school buildings and work to provide good customer service, at Nadler Modular, we provide an all-encompassing experience to make the process easy for our customers.

The Nadler Advantage means you have a single point of contact throughout the entire process. Everything, including design, construction, delivery, and all that comes after, will go through one person on our team. Our specialized point of contact will make sure that you receive fast responses to your questions and that the process is transparent and straightforward.

That transparency also extends to billing and payment. Many modular companies create leases on 28-day timelines, which makes your monthly cost seem lower, but it also means you’re getting billed 13 times a year. Nadler bills on the first of every month, meaning you have 12 payments a year and no surprise costs.

The Nadler Advantage also means you have access to our brand-new fleet of modular school buildings available for lease. Our structures are also made with an exceptional safety record for both construction and installation.

Our Experience

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Want to learn more about how modular school buildings can help your district? Feel free to reach out to our friendly and professional staff with any questions you have.

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