Modular Medical Buildings

Modular healthcare buildings can provide a functional, clean, and affordable way to serve your patients and provide your employees with a great workplace. We can create custom modular medical buildings that fit your needs and your budget.

Why Choose Prefab Medical Buildings?


We know it’s of critical importance that your employees have reliable facilities when providing care, and a well-designed space can help your patients feel comfortable during their treatment. Nadler Modular is GSA-certified, and we have built government medical facilities according to high standards and specifications.


A portable modular clinic is an ideal way to serve patients in rural areas that may struggle to reach adequate healthcare. They are also the perfect choice for disaster response units that provide medical care in the wake of severe storms, hurricanes, fires, and other events.


Nadler Modular can typically deliver and install a modular medical building within one to four weeks, depending on availability and customization requests. Not only does this allow you to start operations much faster than a traditional, site-built structure, but it also minimizes the disruption that on-site construction can cause.


When you choose to lease a modular medical building from Nadler, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your layout, rooms, and other features. You can also select furnishing options from NadlerPlusTM. If you choose a long-term lease or decide to purchase your building, you can customize nearly every facet of your modular healthcare building.

Our Modular Healthcare Buildings

Medical and Dental Clinics

We can design modular clinic buildings that include waiting areas, offices, storage solutions, examination rooms, bathrooms and more. Our prefabricated medical clinics can have warm and inviting interiors to put your patients at ease during their visit.

Laboratories and Imaging Rooms

A modular building can provide a clean space for your team to complete their lab work, and they can also be ideal imaging rooms. When you tell our team about your equipment and space requirements, we can design a solution that will be conducive to providing excellent care for your patients.

Administrative Offices

One of the most popular uses for modular buildings is as administrative offices. You can lease an office trailer for use while your current facilities are undergoing construction or renovation. But you can also purchase a permanent office complex as a standalone structure or to build to your existing facilities.

Furnishing Solutions for Modular Medical Buildings

NadlerPlus™ is our one-stop shop for furnishing solutions, including office supplies and sanitation solutions. Through NadlerPlus, you can get a head start on furnishing your modular medical building with all the supplies you need.

Our packages include:

Who Needs Modular Healthcare Buildings?

Why Choose Nadler?

We have more than 45 years of experience building high-quality and affordable modular solutions. We have built a range of custom medical buildings as well as entire hospital complexes. Our structures are made to high design standards, and they follow build processes that minimize waste and maximize energy efficiency. Our modular healthcare buildings are also made with an exceptional safety record for both building and installation.

The Nadler Advantage

One of the best things about working with Nadler is our industry-leading customer service. When you work with Nadler, you’ll have a single point of contact from the beginning stages of the project through to finalization. It’s also important that the leasing and purchasing process are transparent and straightforward. With Nadler, you’ll receive a monthly bill for your lease with no hidden fees.

Nadler also has one of the newest fleets in the industry, so even our customers who lease modular medical buildings will have the latest in build practices and technology in their structure.

Our Experience

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Have questions about the modular healthcare buildings we have available? Reach out to our experienced staff, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the right solution for your organization.

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