Have You Seen This Truck?

            Creating great modular structures means covering a lot of ground. Our Territory Sales Manager Wes Blessard travels all over the Mid-AtlanticRead More »

Developing Modular’s Potential

It keeps getting better. The pandemic and recent upheavals in the economy and supply chains have put unprecedented pressure on the construction market. Luckily forRead More »


A small word that packs a big message In Hebrew, “Kulanu” means “all of us.” That includes the concepts of “together” and “cooperation,” all wrappedRead More »

Shortages Impact Construction

Lots of theories, and a few facts. You’ve seen it in the news or felt it at the checkout. Shortages and supply chain issues haveRead More »

Modular Market Investment Trends

Caution: Meme-free zone. There’s been a lot of crazy things happening in the investment world. It may seem like the lunatics have taken over theRead More »

What are Some Alternative Use Cases for Modular?

Keep an open mind. That’s the lesson we learn from some unexpected situations where modular construction and temporary facilities have been the best solution. RapidRead More »
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