Double Wide Modular Classroom Buildings

Our double wide modular classrooms are a popular solution for schools, houses of worship, and commercial businesses. Learn more about our custom options and how Nadler Modular’s industry-leading customer service can meet your needs.

Double Wide Modular Classrooms for Sale or Lease

Nadler offers affordable modular classrooms for both sale and lease. Double wide classroom trailers are a popular option for solving short-term capacity issues or as temporary swing spaces during construction or renovation. We can also create permanent modular classroom buildings that can be added to existing structures.

With Nadler Modular, you can rent a brand-new building from our fleet and set the length of your lease. You can also purchase a double wide classroom, which greatly expands your options for interior customization.

Custom Options for Double Wide Modular Buildings

We can customize the layout of your modular building to fit your specific needs. Our double wide classrooms are 24’ by 60’, which allows for a range of floorplans. We can create a two-classroom layout and include features such as bathrooms and storage areas. Or you can choose to have one standard classroom and an administrative office, library, computer lab, or science class.

Furnishing Solutions for Double Wide Modular Classrooms

Save yourself time and money in tracking down furnishings by choosing packages from NadlerPlusTM. Our options for double wide classroom buildings include Wi-Fi connectivity and security features such as door bars and window screens. For accessibility, we offer ADA- and OSHA-compliant ramps and steps, as well as canopies to shield them from the elements. Our holding tanks, portalets, handwashing stations, and sanitation tank services are a great option for double wide classroom trailers that may not always be near a water hookup.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

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Security Screens and Bars

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ADA-Compliant Ramps

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Outdoor Canopies

Benefits of Double Wide Classroom Trailers and Buildings

Faster Installation

Modular buildings can be delivered, installed, and ready for class much faster than traditional, site-built structures. At Nadler Modular, we can deliver a double wide classroom within one to four weeks, depending on building availability and customization options. The fast installation will also minimize the disruption to your campus that traditional construction can cause.

Lower Cost

Modular classroom buildings are a highly affordable option, especially for solving temporary capacity issues. Nadler Modular offers affordable, short-term leases that can adhere to your school’s schedule.

Greener Build Process

Because our modular classroom buildings are all made in one centralized location according to standardized build processes, we’re able to cut out the waste that site-built construction involves. All the buildings in our brand-new fleet are also built to be energy efficient.

Who We Serve

Public Schools and Universities

Modular classroom buildings are a great option for public schools and universities that are looking for a high-quality solution that will fit their budget. As a GSA-certified vendor, Nadler Modular has worked with many government agencies to design and build modular buildings that fit exacting standards at a great price.

Religious Organizations

Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious houses of worship often use modular classroom buildings for Sunday school and youth learning activities. Choosing a layout with one classroom and one daycare allows you to serve multiple age groups, while administrative offices and storage units can also be useful additions.

Commercial Businesses

Double wide classroom trailers are a great option for commercial businesses looking to give their staff on-the-job training. They are often used by construction companies because they can be easily transported between work sites.

How Much Do Double Wide Modular Classrooms Cost?

The cost of your modular classroom building will depend on several factors, including the size, layout, customization options, and furnishings. The Nadler sales team will be happy to work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your needs and budget.

Why Choose Nadler?

After more than 45 years of operation, Nadler Modular has built a reputation for excellent customer service by going above and beyond for our clients. We know that our clients want responsive communication and no surprises. That’s why we have transparent billing on a 12-month cycle and a single point of contact. Everything from sales and design to delivery and finalization goes through one member of our team. That allows us to create strong relationships with our clients that are built on trust and open communication.

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Interested in learning more about our double wide classrooms? Reach out to our team, and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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