Commercial Modular Buildings in Georgia

Discover innovative and adaptable modular building solutions in Georgia with Nadler Modular. Contact our experienced team today to learn why Nadler is the premier choice for customizable and cost-effective modular buildings.

Who We Serve


Modular buildings offer versatile solutions for Georgia’s dynamic construction industry. Our portable offices serve as ideal jobsite trailers, and they’re equipped with essential amenities such as bathrooms, conference rooms, and storage space. Additionally, our furnishing solutions, including portalets, handwashing stations, and sanitary tank services, cater to projects where no water hookup is available.


Nadler Modular is at the forefront of providing versatile, cost-effective modular educational spaces across Georgia. Whether your need is for short-term or long-term educational facilities, our inventory encompasses portable classrooms, dining areas, libraries, administrative blocks, recreational facilities, and beyond. We cater to every need, from individual classroom units to expansive educational complexes.


Provide an ideal setting for your healthcare services with Nadler Modular’s customizable modular buildings. They’re designed to meet the comprehensive needs of Georgia’s healthcare industry with unmatched affordability. Whether you need clinics, imaging centers, labs, or emergency response units, our buildings will help you ensure every healthcare need is addressed with precision and care.


Nadler Modular’s solutions serve a range of commercial applications within Georgia. We facilitate the seamless addition of modular buildings to add new office space, storage, conference rooms, dining areas, or lounge spaces.

Our Modular Buildings in Georgia


Nadler offers bespoke, cost-effective modular classrooms and facilities. Whether you need to address immediate space challenges or establish new permanent fixtures, our solutions are tailored to enrich the learning environment of your students.


Nadler Modular is your go-to for modular office buildings in Georgia. Our temporary office solutions are perfect for construction companies or any organization in need of space during maintenance or renovation. We can also develop office complexes with additional amenities like break rooms, cafeterias, storage areas, and more.

Permanent Modular Buildings

In addition to temporary setups, we also specialize in a broad array of permanent modular structures in Georgia, including single classrooms, extensive office complexes, and hospitals.

Custom Options for Modular Buildings in Georgia

Nadler Modular’s offerings are defined by their adaptability. You can either purchase or lease modular units with financing that works for you. You can also choose your lease length based on your needs, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Our Furnishing Solutions

Through NadlerPlusTM, we can offer comprehensive furnishing solutions from day one.

Our packages include:

  • Desks, tables, and chairs
  • Storage solutions
  • Break room appliances
  • ADA- and OSHA-compliant ramps
  • Outdoor canopies
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Security screens and bars
  • Handwashing stations
  • Holding tanks
  • Portalets
  • Sanitation tanks
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Break Room Appliances

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Storage Solutions

The Benefits of Modular Buildings in Georgia

Fast Delivery and Installation

Nadler can typically deliver modular buildings in Georgia within one to four weeks, subject to availability and customization. Our swift installation minimizes disruption, allowing for quicker operational readiness.

High Quality

Our modular buildings in Georgia are made with top-quality materials and designed to last over 30 years with proper maintenance. They’re also energy-efficient for long-term cost savings.

Cost Efficiency

We maintain competitive pricing through efficient construction practices and transparent billing, ensuring you receive excellent value without hidden costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Our modular buildings are constructed with sustainability in mind, minimizing waste and fuel consumption through centralized, standardized production processes.

Our Service Area

Nadler proudly serves all of Georgia, including Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Macon, and beyond, with local staff in each region to assist you.

Why Choose Nadler Modular?

Nadler stands out in Georgia for our high-quality modular buildings and our unparalleled customer service. We offer a single point of contact for a streamlined process and foster strong client relationships through transparent billing and responsive communication.

As a GSA-certified vendor with a track record of successful government projects, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.

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Interested in exploring our custom, affordable modular building solutions in Georgia? Contact our team for more information and let us help you achieve your project goals.

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