Kathryn Garcia, Commissioner

As we respond to the unfolding fallout from the COVID-19 virus, New York City has demonstrated characteristic strength and resilience. I wish to thank Nadler Modular Structures and its employees for their critical work and steadfast commitment to the City during this public health crisis. Nadler is an essential vendor to the Department of Sanitation, and your work is imperative to the continued delivery of core governmental services in the City.

As this uncertain situation continues to evolve, the City must – and will – come together to ensure that we effectively address this crisis. By fulfilling your contracts in the weeks ahead, your workers will be performing an essential function that will enable the Department of Sanitation to continue providing services necessary to protect the health and safety of all New Yorkers. Nadler and the trailers it supplies to the Department are critical to the Department’s ability to maintain operations around the City, and your work is particularly vital during this crisis.

Nadler employees provide an essential service that is critical to the operation of the City on the best of days, and your tireless efforts are never more important than when the City confronts adversity. The City depends on all of its partners now more than ever, and I thank you again for your continued support and cooperation.