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More space.
More students.
Less cost.

Unleash learning anywhere, anytime with Nadler Modular’s portable classrooms! Ditch building delays and skyrocketing construction costs with modular structures that set up in days, not months, transforming any space into a bright, secure learning environment.

Portable classrooms are ready to be deployed anywhere for any reason – from disaster zones and under-resourced communities to existing school grounds. Imagine the possibilities: flexible overflow classrooms, locker rooms, dedicated STEM labs – all adaptable to your unique needs. With Nadler Modular’s portable classrooms and modular buildings you can break free from the limitations, costs, and delays of traditional construction.

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Why choose portable classrooms?

Modular buildings deliver several key benefits for schools, making them a popular choice for managing space constraints, working with limited budgets, and districts with evolving educational needs. While the benefits are unique to each school, there are common significant benefits of choosing modular solutions for uses such as portable classrooms, sports and gym facilities, restrooms, staff offices, music rooms, and other implementations.

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Cost effectiveness

Portable classrooms have significantly lower upfront costs when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar construction. Not only do these modular learning environments deploy faster and easily allow for expansion but they can be reconfigured as your needs change.

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Minimal disruption

Our prefabricated portable classrooms arrive ready to be assembled, minimizing construction noise and dust. This faster installation means less interruptions and interference for existing students, classes, and activities.

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Modular classroom buildings come in various sizes and configurations, allowing schools like yours to create specialized learning environments for their students. The buildings can be used as a temporary solution for uninterrupted learning during construction or disasters recovery, or as a permanent addition to your facilities. And unlike traditional construction, portable classrooms can be easily relocated on school grounds or to other district schools when the need arises.

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Nadler Modular minimizes the environmental impact of our modular buildings by using eco-friendly materials and including energy efficient features to our buildings when possible. What’s more, the modular nature of our units allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration, reducing the need for additional construction and waste generation.


"We were particularly impressed by Nadler Modular's competitive rates and flexible terms, which made working with them easy and hassle-free."

- Danbury Public Schools

Why choose Nadler Modular?

For over 45 years Nadler Modular has been providing modular temporary and permanent buildings for schools and educational institutions. Our fleet of portable classrooms are the newest in the industry and paired with our clear and simple pricing. When you need high-quality space for your school or school district, Nadler Modular portable classrooms let you expand to accommodate new students and provide adaptable space for existing students, all while avoiding cost overruns and construction delays. Our modular classrooms are ready to deliver to your location right away. Get the conversation started by telling us what you need on the quote form on this page.