Commercial Modular Buildings in Pennsylvania

Nadler Modular offers custom, affordable modular buildings in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. With more than four decades of experience and industry-leading customer service, we can find the right solution for your organization.

Who We Serve


Modular buildings are an excellent option for Pennsylvania’s construction industry. We have portable offices that can serve as excellent jobsite trailers—complete with bathrooms, conference rooms, and storage space. Plus, our furnishing solutions include portalets, handwashing stations, and sanitary tank services that are perfect for situations where no water hookup is available.


We offer affordable and customizable modular classrooms in Pennsylvania for both temporary and permanent solutions. They can include modular classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, administrative offices, gyms, and more. Whether you need a double wide classroom trailer or an entire complex, we have options for you.


We know that Pennsylvania’s healthcare industry needs clean and reliable modular buildings at an affordable price. Our buildings can be customized to fit a wide range of medical needs, including clinics, imaging rooms, laboratories, dental offices, and more. Our portable solutions also make excellent emergency response trailers.

Community and Religious Organizations

Nadler Modular is proud to work with Pennsylvania’s community and religious organizations to make sure they have the facilities that they need. Modular solutions are excellent for administrative offices, meeting spaces, daycares, or Sunday schools. Portable modular buildings are a popular option when your existing facilities are undergoing construction or renovations.


Modular buildings can fill a wide range of uses for Pennsylvania’s industrial businesses. They can be added on to existing factories to create more office space, storage capacity, conference areas, cafeterias, or break rooms. They are popular as shipping and receiving areas at warehouses, in addition to customer-facing meeting rooms or waiting areas.

Our Modular Buildings in Pennsylvania


We love providing custom and cost-effective modular classrooms to Pennsylvania schools. They are a great solution for dealing with temporary student capacity issues or for creating a new addition onto your school. Our double wide classroom buildings can be customized to include bathrooms, daycare space, or administrative offices.


If you’re looking for a portable office trailer in Pennsylvania, Nadler Modular has the solution for you. Our temporary offices are an ideal solution for construction companies or organizations undergoing maintenance or renovation to their existing facilities. We can also create office complexes that include amenities such as break rooms, cafeterias, storage areas, and more.

Disaster Response Trailers

Modular buildings make ideal disaster response trailers because they can be deployed quickly, and they can be customized with all the features you need. We can design a trailer that provides people with a place to get warm, take a shower, eat a hot meal, and get some sleep—all in one place.

Custom Options for Modular Buildings in Pennsylvania

One of the greatest benefits of modular buildings is the flexibility that they offer. We offer Pennsylvania organizations modular solutions that can be purchased outright or leased on a flexible plan. With Nadler Modular, you set the length of your lease around your needs, so you never have to pay for a building you’re not using.

Our Furnishing Solutions

Through NadlerPlusTM, we offer a range of interior furnishings to our Pennsylvania customers. They include break room packages with mini-refrigerators and microwaves, office packages with desks and chairs, and security packages with window screens and door bars. Other features include Wi-Fi, storage containers, ADA- and OSHA-complaint ramps and steps, and sanitation features such as portalets and handwashing stations.

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Break Room Appliances

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Security Screens and Bars

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Benefits of Modular Buildings in Pennsylvania

Fast Delivery

Nadler can typically deliver and install modular buildings in Pennsylvania within one to four weeks, depending on custom options and availability. Not only is that much faster than site-built construction, but the quick installation minimizes the disruption to your business or organization.

Low Cost

At Nadler Modular, we work hard to keep our prices low through efficient build practices. We also work to ensure that our prices are transparent, and that you’re never paying for more than you expect. Reach out to our friendly staff to get a free estimate on your project.

Green Build Practices

One of our favorite things about constructing modular buildings is that they help protect the environment. Modular construction produces significantly fewer carbon emissions than traditional construction, and it eliminates much of the wasted materials that it creates.

Our Service Area

We provide our custom and affordable classrooms, clinics, and mobile offices in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Our friendly, professional, and local staff work with our clients in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and others in Pennsylvania.

While our team members have experience with modular building projects all over the world, we mainly serve the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Why Choose Nadler Modular?

Nadler is one of the best providers of modular buildings in Pennsylvania—and that’s not just because of our quality buildings and custom options. It’s because we go above and beyond to provide you with the best customer service available.

We connect our clients with a single point of contact to simplify the process on your end and to build a great relationship. From design to delivery and everything in between, you’ll only need to deal with one person from Nadler Modular who will ensure responsive, open communication.

Our belief in building strong relationships also extends to our billing practices. Some modular companies bill their clients on 28-day cycles, which makes their payments seem low, but it also means their clients are making 13 payments a year. We bill on the first of every month, so you’re not paying more than you expected on your lease.

We are also a GSA-certified vendor, and we’ve completed multiple government projects for office buildings, hospitals, military barracks, and more.

Reach Out to Our Team

Want to learn more about our custom, affordable modular buildings in Pennsylvania? Reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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