Nadler offers specialized, code compliant temporary modular structures that can supplement changing and/or shorter-term space requirements where a relocatable building is preferred. These modular buildings offer speed of fast delivery, are easy to configure and relocate, and typically add the benefit of accelerated depreciation for your business from an accounting perspective.

Most often temporary modular buildings are suitable for school classrooms, construction site offices, medical office or clinical buildings, disaster recovery operations, storage – and whenever there is temporary, high quality space needed.

In addition to the speed of construction, temporary modular solutions from Nadler offer you greater flexibility because the structures are relocatable buildings. This mean you can leverage these structures on one site, and then move them to another location as your space requirements change or perhaps you have a new project and want to reuse the structure. Nadler temporary modular structures can be erected as both freestanding structures or can also be used to compliment your existing building(s).

Key Benefits of Temporary Modular Solutions:

  • Relocatable to other sites
  • Reduced costs vs. traditional building methods
  • Speed of deployment
  • Highly flexible and configurable
  • Off-site construction
  • ‘Green’ fabrication process
  • Accelerated depreciation