Commercial Modular Buildings in Philadelphia, PA

Nadler Modular is proud to offer modular buildings in Philadelphia, PA. We work with a wide range of industries in the city to provide high-quality, affordable, and custom modular buildings. 

When you reach out to one of our local team members, you’ll see why Nadler has industry-leading customer service. Not only will you have a single point of contact throughout the entire process, but also transparent pricing, and a one-stop shop for furnishing solutions.

Custom Modular Construction in Philadelphia

Whether you’re looking for a portable trailer to use on a temporary basis or a permanent structure, we have modular solutions available. We also offer our Philadelphia customers a wide range of customization options. If you lease one of our new buildings, you can set the length of the lease to fit your needs and customize the layout of your building. If you choose a long-term lease or decide to purchase a modular building, we offer an even deeper range of customization options.

Our Modular Buildings in Philadelphia, PA


Modular classrooms are an ideal solution for responding quickly to changes in student enrollment, staffing, and budget. Our modular buildings can be customized to fit the size, layout, and even classroom subject that you need. Whether you’re looking for a portable classroom to deal with temporary capacity issues or an entire school complex, we can design a solution for you.

Jobsite Trailers

Nadler can provide construction companies in Philadelphia with mobile offices, break rooms, restrooms, showers, and more. Our buildings are highly durable and efficient, and they can be custom-designed to fit your team size, storage needs, and other factors.


f you’re looking for an office trailer in Philadelphia, PA, Nadler Modular has you covered. Modular office buildings are popular with companies that have hybrid teams or that need temporary offices while their current space is experiencing construction or renovation. But we also offer entire office complexes that can be expanded or altered as needed through N-Plex.

Our Furnishing Solutions

NadlerPlusTM is our one-stop shop for interior furnishings, so your modular building can be ready for use on day one. Our packages include items such as office furniture, storage solutions, accessibility ramps, Wi-Fi, and security features.

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ADA-Compliant Ramps

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

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Security Screens and Bars

The Benefits of Modular Buildings in Philadelphia, PA


After 45 years in the industry, we’ve honed our process to offer modular buildings in Philadelphia that are as affordable as they are high-quality. Modular buildings are more cost-effective than site-built structures because of their efficient construction. And with our flexible leasing options, you never have to pay more money than you need.


We can deliver modular buildings in Philadelphia, PA much faster than they can be constructed on-site. Nadler can usually deliver and install a modular building within one to four weeks, though it can vary depending on availability and the level of customization required. Not only does this get you the space that you need more quickly, but it also bypasses the lengthy disruption to your school or business that on-site construction can have.


Because of its efficient design and build process, modular construction is far more environmentally friendly than standard construction. By following a standardized process and completing the job all under one roof, we can eliminate wasted material and even save fuel spent on transportation. We also build our structures to be energy-efficient, with high-quality insulation and HVAC systems.

Who We Serve

Schools and Universities

We offer a wide range of modular school buildings for sale or lease to Philadelphia residents. While modular classrooms are one of our most popular options, we also can build gyms, cafeterias, libraries, daycares, and administrative offices. Whether you’re looking for a portable classroom for just one semester or an entire school complex, we can design a solution for you.


Nadler Modular can build medical clinics, emergency response trailers, dental clinics, laboratories, and more. As a GSA-certified company, we’ve built entire hospitals for government projects that were held to the highest standard. Whether you’re looking for an administrative office, portable storage solutions, or patient care facilities, our design team can work with you.

Commercial and Manufacturing

Modular buildings offer a wide range of options to manufacturers. They can serve as offices, shipping and receiving facilities, storage units, restrooms, break rooms, or cafeterias. Our buildings can serve as expansions to your factory or serve as standalone structures.

Our Service Area

In addition to Philadelphia, Nadler Modular has team members that serve Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Our team members have experience with modular building projects all over the world, but we’re proud to serve the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions.

The Nadler Approach

When you choose Nadler Modular, you’re working with a company with decades of experience providing affordable, high-quality, and innovative modular solutions. As a GSA-certified vendor, we have completed multiple government projects for office spaces, hospitals, and military barracks.

But our top priority at Nadler is providing our customers with a great experience. That’s why we provide them with a single point of contact throughout the entire process. Everything from design and construction to delivery and finalization goes through one experienced specialist. They’ll make sure that you receive fast responses to your questions and that the process is transparent and straightforward.

Our commitment to transparency is also in our billing and payment procedure. Other modular companies bill their leases on 28-day cycles. While it makes your “monthly” payment seem lower, you’re actually making 13 payments a year. At Nadler Modular, we bill on the first of every month, meaning you have 12 payments a year and no surprise costs.

Reach Out to Our Team

Want to learn more about our fleet of new modular buildings in Philadelphia, PA? Reach out to our team for more information.

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